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Awesome Swedish Rock by Free Fall


Rock n Roll for the soul

Free Fall are a proper damn good ol’ rock n roll band from Sweden. I went to see them live the day before yesterday and they totally rocked! Hadn’t really listened to them before the gig but afterwards I immediately checked out their album on Spotify, have been playing it non-stop all day today!

Free fall is a 4 piece band and the lineup is as follows;

Jan Martens – Bass
Mattias Bärjed – Guitar
Kim Fransson – Lead vocals
Ludwig Dahlberg – Drums

Kind of a super-group

You might have heard of Mattias Bärjed before. He’s a real guitar hero and used to play with the Soundtrack of Our Lives before they split up. I dare to say he is one of Sweden’s best guitarists around.
Ludwig Dahlberg has a past history of being the drummer in the International Noise Conspiracy.

Their album ‘Power & Volume’ is like taken straight out of the year 1973 with sounds of AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and the Who. Kim Fransson’s voice on top of a sound like that just ticks all the boxes for me!

Wanna know more about Free Fall? Of course you do! Check out their Facebook Page or why not head straight to Spotify for a listen right now!
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