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Apple roses

I’ve learned something new that I need to share with you guys! Aple roses are miniature apple pies, they are superduper easy to make and tastes like heaven!


You will need :

1. Red, yellow or green apples depending on if you want red, yellow or green roses. 1 apple is enough for 5 roses.

2. puff pastry. 

1. cut your apple in 2/3mm slices

2. cut your puff pastry into 3 cm slices

3. boil the apple slices for 3/4 minutes

4. let the apples cool and place them on your puff pastry slices

5. bend the bottom over the apples to get a better grip and prevent the apple slice to fall down.

6. the roll everything into a rose.

7. add some cinnamon if you like

8. and bake in the oven for about 10 minutes at 180° celsius

9. add some powdered sugar and your done! serve as they are or with a bit of wipped cream or vanilla cream…yum!

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