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A postcard from Lucca Comics and Games 2013

Between the 31st of October and the 3rd of November the annual festival called ‘Lucca Comics and Games‘ was held in Lucca, Italy. Two thirds of the Petite Curie team, (me) Alexandra and Therese were there to document and experience all of its quirkieness! We must say We loved it!



So what is Lucca Comics and Games? Well, It’s one of the biggest and most popular Comic Cons in Europe, attracting over 200 000 visitors every year! Comic book stands, art exhibitions, flashmobs and cosplayers all crammed into one place.


What makes it extra special is that the festival is hold in the town center of the beautiful Tuscan city Lucca. To be able to get in to the various stands and shows throughout the city you have to buy a ticket. But it’s completely free, if you  just feel like walking around in a really beautiful city and have a look at quirky cosplayers. Don’t get surprised if you meet Superman or a White Walker around the corner!



(img )

Apart from the various tents and stands this year a real sized Bat-cave had been built,  Thors Hammer had been smashed into the ground and it was possible to visit the Warner Brothers tent with the Game of Thrones’ throne  (and yes, they let you sit in it!!). The Umbrella corporation from Resident Evil landed with a helicopter, we saw a  Rocky picture horror show flashmob and so much more!




A lot of Doctor Who fans had gathered because one of the days during the festival was dedicated to the tv series. Here’s Our friend “the Dude” with a weeping Angel.



By now, you should know we’re huge fans of Game of Thrones… and apparently so are a lot of Italians too. Obviously snapping a couple of photos was a “must”.


We also had a few laughs with this version of Jack Sparrow.


On our way to Japan Palace we saw this beautiful Hannya. Japan palace is THE PLACE to buy kawaii toys and japanese gadgets but be prepared to wait in line for at least 30 minutes to get in! Once you’re in be sure to stop by the japanese restaurant, the Udon is to die for!




It’s easy to stay the whole day inside the Japan Palace so once you’re out, it’s going to be dark outside. But that’s ok because then it’s so much cozier to visit the market stands.


And it means it’s time for apertivo!! yay!


Just as a sidenote, it’s a good thing if you have a friend that looks exactly like the dude from the big lebowski because that means free white russians 😉





So that sums up our day at the Lucca Comic 2013. If you’re quirky like us then we can garantee you’ll love it!


see you next year!


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