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A few Quirky questions with Diletta Albertini – by Beatrice

You know that feeling when you’re looking for your glasses and then you realize they are on the top of your head?

That is just the right  metaphor to describe this article: I was surfing the net looking for something interesting to write about when that “something” or “someone” was right under my nose.

This someone in named Diletta Albertini and apart from beeing a great friend (don’t care ok?) she’s also a great illustrator!
Diletta is a thin stick with golden hair and big blue eyes, and I’m always under the impression she’s really a character from an ancient tale.


diletta 3

So… here we go, I decided to ask her a few questions to find out what’s behind her drawings…

B: Hi Diletta, you know I love your illustrations so today I wanna ask you a few questions. First of all I’d like to know what was your starting point, how did you start drawing?

D: I started drawing while I was writing my graduation thesis, before that I drew without a specific reason. But then I met a person with a face made of colors and funny expressions that gave meaning to everything and gave me the inspiration to draw.



B: I won’t ask you who that was ok? So, your drawings are made up of a “world” of soft colors, young faces and simple lines. What or who inspires you?

D: I take my inspiration from Natalia Resmini, a teacher of mine at IUAV (University of Venice) and another person who inspires me is Richard Haines, his style of representation is something dynamic and enchanting. I can tell that in my drawings there is a bit’ of lightness of Wes Anderson and I try to have the same passion as him in the research of interesting faces.



B: Tell me how you choose your “victims”

D: I know it’s a bit “adolescent” but I’ve always had a weakness for River Phoenix, and I’m always looking for  the “youth” that is represented in a face.



B: We can say a you are a sort of Larry Clark without penises, right?

D: Yes, punish, naive…


“This is a birthday card for Marco, is a sort of paper doll with a hole on his face and you can change the dresses”


“This is a typical teen picture with an iconic t-shirt, I can’t resist it”

B: What about your blog’s name?

D: When I was a child I couldn’t say my whole name and so I introduced myself as Detta Pini. I’d like to think of my drawings as a bit “childish”, without a pattern, only pure instinct.


B: Last thing: I don’t understand much of illustration but I see that in your drawings there is a mix of techniques, right? How do you start when you decide to draw something?

D: I usually see a picture of an interesting face and then I try to make this face “mine” with pencil and and watercolors. Finally I try to to synthesize it and give it an ironic touch.

And that’s all she said. If you want to soak up a bit of the teen-nostalgia I recommend to have a look on Detta’s blog … maybe one day you’ll find a picture of yourself if you preserve your “teen spirit”. Who knows…

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