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5 quirky questions with the Dancers


When you think of bad ass rock’n’roll maybe Venice isn’t the first place that pops up in your mind, but that doesn’t stop this young trio.

The Dancers writes short and fast songs with catchy 60’s inspired choruses, garage or rock’nroll, one thing’s for certain, Matt, Teller and Jule all comes from a place far faaar away from wherever Eros Ramazzotti crawled out …

Since they started in 2010 they have recorded and released 4 Ep:s, The Dancers 7″, The Box, On the Road and It’s a shame. And they’re so passionate about what they do that they specifically released the EP “On the road” in a limited edition of 100 copies especially for the Record Store day.



We asked Matteo (lead singer of the group) to answer  5 quirky questions exclusively for PetiteCurie!


1. Is it true you got fired from your daytime jobs for rehearsing your music instead of working during business hours?

Yeah It’s true, I used to work in a skate shop and during lunch breaks we used to bring our instruments inside and rehearse; we also used to do it during the night, after work, but it’s not really something you can do at your workplace you know…





2. How did your video for your single “The Box” end up on the website of “XL di Repubblica” (Italys biggest newspapers -Editor’s Note)

When The Box came out we tried to focus on some magazines that could host a preview of the video, we sent some emails and stuff, and XL Repubblica were really into it. I mean they liked the idea of cheap low budget video but with a cool and funny idea, so that’s it.






3. I know you recently went on tour so I’m curious about which place you liked the best? why? and did anything wierd happen?

Oh yeah, we went on tour all over europe for two weeks, it was a really great experience, we met a lot of people, played with tons of different cool bands. We had so much fun especially in Berlin where we played at the White Trash, it’s a really cool place! Downstairs there’s the concert hall and it was really crowded with crazy people partying really hard, yeah I can say we had one of the best live experiences ever there!






4. To you Italian music is….? Do you wanna give some love to any other band “made in Italy”?

Italian music scene is actually really cool , there are a lot of great bands, a lot, especially if you mean the garage punk scene. Hardcore scene is cool too. We have very good bands and great promoters that are good people (that plays in bands as well) so everything is more genuine you know, but this is way different from “the classic” Italian music system that the major labels have, which sucks in everything.

Yeah, good bands made in Italy are our friends, Supertempo, Miss chain and the broken heels, Mojomatics, GoZilla, Wildmen.. there are a lot actually!



5. Where do you see The Dancers in 5 years?

Hmm…hopefully in California, where every Dancer’s heart is! :)




Get to know the Dancers:

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The Dancers on – Facebook

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