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5 quirky questions with Miss Chain & The Broken Heels




Miss Chain, Disaster Silva and the Barcella Bro’s (aka the Broken Heels) have manage to create a unique blend of music…rough-edged pop with a sixties beat matched with the playfulness of a ‘80s daydream. Songs meant to touch your heart, soul and feet! And they do. Rarely have I seen a band enjoying themselves so much playing live as Miss Chain & the broken heels. As soon as Miss Chain starts singing the atmosphere in the room changes, even the people in the back put down their beers and find themselves listening wheter they want to or not. These broken Italians got charisma that’s for sure.

We asked Astrid (Miss Chain herself) if she wanted to answer 5 quirky questions for us and fortunately she did! So here they are:


1.  So…what’s up with the name? why did you pick a fight with a pair of shoes?

I’m really tall, so I actually don’t need heels and I nowadays I’ve accepted the fact I don’t have the skill to walk in them. I tried and I tried and I always failed. Honestly, I don’t understand them. People always say “you just need to get use to them” and “if you practice it won’t hurt anymore”, but that just sounds like masochism to me.

The name popped out after I realized that after almost time that I’d wore them on the dancefloor I ended up with one heel (or both) broken. Now I just go with ballerinas or barefoot! what a Wilder!


2. How did your new video Calcutta end up on the Rolling stone website? the video is a kind of a psycadelic fairytale…what’s it really about?

Rolling Stone saw the preview of it and really liked it so we gave them the exclusive, and the video was on the homepage of the website for one week. That was a nice shot!

Calcutta is one of our fav songs from the new album and after we recorded it we got in touch with Ivana Smudja, artdirector and a good friend of ours, to see if we could work something out for a video.

Ivana and Withstand production got really excited and we all started working on the storyboard! The starting point was that it would deal with nightmares and with polarities good/evil that coexists in all of us. We ended up with the idea of a little innocent girl fighting her fears.

Ivana imagined a cool, aloof girl and monsters in the shape of children’s socks. A shoot-out between the little girl and the evil goddess, but suspended, with no direct contact, like in comic strips. Kali was supplied with some scissors so you can imagine what you like…Will she cut the little girl’s hair? Will she hurt her? Why? You can play with your imagination and see it in different point of views. We really wanted a dynamic video with a funny story that once you see it you might feel you wanna watch it again. There are so many details hidden around the set… out of the window you can see Louisiana crickets or Tom Sawyer, but inside the room the objects and elements are reminiscent of a very early century European setting. Like a mash-up of children’s stories and childhood memories.

The song was inspired by Kali, Goddess of All. When I discovered her, I realized how powerful she is and how deeply I wanted to pray and invoke her to save us from the dark era we’re living in, to see her acting against the false prophets I hear, see and read in my daily life, trying to speak the Truth and believing in the Truth. But also to save myself, since I’m a child of the individualist society and my Ego often tries to fool me and eat me.



Miss Chain has some issues with heels but no problem at all with rock ‘n’ roll.



3.  It seems like you go on tour A LOT…what’s the wierdest thing that’s ever happend to you on tour? and where would you say they have the best audience?

Oh, we have plenty of cool stories to tell, but the most of them are almost illegal!! Well, we’ve danced with Goofie at Disneyland, we got lost in Detroit downtown (not a nice place to get lost), we saw some turkish guys shooting with kalashnikovs for new years eve in Berlin, we got the backline from a random band which was having a day off in El Centro Ca, we’ve crossed the mexican border (by foot)  just for one show in Mexicali, we drove from Oslo-Norway to Umea-Sweden in one night, just to play at Burmans Music, an historical record shop that had all our discography on the wall!

For sure the best audience is in California, everyone is really relaxed and happy, ready to rock with you and support your band in everyway they can!

We all remember with great pleasure a BBQ in San Pedro were eveyone got crazy dancing and screaming! Justin from Clorox Girls sung with us “And then he kissed me” with Silva playing guitar on his shoulders while Bruno had meters of tape on his face because he wanted to look like Brian Wilson… eh???!!

Touring is so much fun! You loose perception of time and space. You are “Caught in a dream” and everything around you looks like a crazy unique experience… when it’s time to wake up and get back to normal life it aint easy. It’s a bittersweet feeling! The lack of something you can’t put a name on stays with you for weeks, and you just wait impatiently for another adventure to start!



4  I’ve heard you’re into vegetarian cousine, would you mind sharing a yummie recipe with us?

I’m not a very good Chef and I don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen but when I do, I adore to try out very simple recipes adding my creativity and exotic taste. I adore the combination of sweet and salty so one of my fav recipe is halloumi with honey  + my special salad.

    • Place the honey in a pan with some olive oil, crushed garlic and the juice of one lemon.
    • let it cook (gently)for 10 min.
    • Put the pan away and let it cool.
    • Cut the halloumi in thick slices and add the “sauce” until the cheese is submerged. Leave it to marinade for 12 hours.
    • Then fry in butter till it’s gold and crunchy!

An alternative quick version is: grill the halloumi and put some fresh organic honey on it. Done! Ahhh, the smooth glossiness of the honey and the firm chewiness of the halloumi works extremely well together and will bring you to paradise!

 The special salad: olives (taggiasche), avacado, few dry tomatoes, nuts, leek, Tropea onion, basil, mint, fresh sweet tomatoes and lettuce.


5  You also have an account on Vine, wich clip would you consider your “best vine”? 

“Love in da shower”


ps. all pictures are proprty of Miss Chain & the broken heels



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