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5 Quirky Questions to Oholics


Space, Pop and Psychedelia

Oholics are six Swedish dudes all based in Gothenburg who play great tunes together! For you guys who have been following us for a while you know we did feature them when they were to release their latest album ‘Orbits‘ last year.

They have a fantastic space-y, psykedelic pop sound that really appeals to me. When I got the chance to see them live a few weeks ago I was really happy I was able to go! Their energy on stage is something that makes me love these guys even more.

Afterwards I got the chance to talk to Christoffer the singer, and asked him 5 quirky questions exclusiveley for you lovely people!

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The Quirky 5’s

1. What is the weirdest and funniest memory from your last tour?

– It is hard to say or mention just one particular thing. A lot of weird stuff has happend to us.. Hannes ate an chestnut during our tour in Holland, had an awful allergic reaction and ended up like a cartoon version of himself. Another time after one of our shows this 80-year old lady flashed herself in front of us.. Crack-heads for managers in Canada, meeting with chinese gang-leaders.. Being on tour is a pretty weird and intense experience. It really is hard to single out one particular event.

2. Who came up with the brilliant idea for your music video to the song Moonraker? And can you tell us some “quirky facts” about it?

– Actually I was kinda the one who came up with the idea. Or if truth be told, it was together with Axl, Niklas and Jonathan Mattbo Persson. We had a heavy brainstorming night at the Ritz one night and the idea was born.

3. What bands or artists have inspired you the most?

– I will have to say the classic stuff like the Stones and such. But latley I have been inspired at lot by bands like the Beastie Boys, Chemical Brothers and some Mos Def. Last week I listened a lot to Stereo MC’s. And beyond music I do get a lot of inspiration from watching semi-philosophical documentaries online. I can’t say I understand everything but it helps me sleep better, believe it or not!

4. Do you dream about playing at a certain or particular place, festvial or venue?

– Playing in space would be cool! At the space station Mir, that would be really cool and I bet they would appreciate some live music up there. One of my goals in life is to travel out in space! But earth-wise I would have to say Wembley Arena in London, that would be pretty awesome.

5. Being a swedish band and all, what other new and up-coming swedish bands are you yourself listening to right now?

– There is this band called the Isolation. They are really good but a bit secretive about themselves and what they are up to. Actually they changed their name recently and their new stuff can be found under the name of Allheroesaredead. They are very talented and deserve to get more credit and acknowledge for sure!

Now head over to Oholics Facebook page to keep up with news and tour dates!

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