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4 Weird and Quirky Beers You’ll Probably Never Try – by Jörgen

“With a good story you can sell anything” and of course this also applies to beer. As long as there’s an eye-catching label and a great story behind it you could charge just about anything! People would still pay and even take pride in drinking it.

This time I intend to share a couple of background stories with you all, regarding four beers you might never end up drinking, but still be amazed about the ingenuity of the producers.

1. Brewdog – End of the world


When it comes to quirky names and strange brews few can beat the scots behind Brewdog and their most outrageous version; the “End of the world”, with a staggering 55% alcohol and priced from 500£. If that wasn’t enough they also jammed the bottle down a couple of small stuffed animals so I let the image speak for itself.

Sadly this was a very limited edition with only twelve bottles produced and isn’t available anymore, but you can still spot the poor animals in the various Brewdog Bars around Europe.

2. Nynäshamn/Dogfish Head – Arketyp


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What if we ought to do collaboration between a Swedish and a Californian brewery? Then we could dive down to the bottom of the Baltic Sea and find an old vessel that we salvage and discover a barrel of more than two-thousand years old beer. Let’s send that beer to a scientist that analyse the beer and based upon the ingredients we brew that same type of brew.

Well that’s “Arketyp” and I had the joy of trying it a couple of months back. It actually tasted old in some strange way with a lot of berries-flavor and woody texture.

3. Gerrie Berendsen – Kwispelbier


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When you have spoiled your dog to the point of no return, then Kwispelbier is the thing you have been looking for. This non-alcoholic beer is produced and sold purely for the enjoyment of your dog.

The beverage is a creation of pet shop owner Gerrie Berendsen, who wanted her dogs to share light refreshments with her after a day’s hunting. The beer is non-alcoholic and fit even for human consumption

4. Eschweger Klosterbrauerei – Duff


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Who hasn’t watched the Simpsons and wondered if Duff beer really is just as watery as any regular American lager? That’s right, I’m looking at you Miller Light…

Well the German brewery Eschweger bought the license from Fox, applied the German purity laws of how to brew a beer and all of a sudden Duff beer was available to everyone and even got the same label as the series. Duffman would be proud.

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