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We Are Dorothy

We are Dorothy doesn’t really reveal that much about themselves on their website. They are however an art and graphic design collective who create pretty cool stuff.
I have been wanting to order from for sometime now. I am also pretty tired of the old framed posters and paintings I have hanging in my living-room, need to get something new! So I will finally place my order. Their filmmap will look so cool on my living-room wall!


Whatever we write here will end up sounding at best ‘a bit stupid’, at worst ‘pretentious’. So instead of us telling you what we think we do why don’t you take a look around our site at our work and make your own mind up. Hopefully you won’t be bored…or easily offended. – We Are Dorothy

They also do this wonderful songmap..! I might end up ordering that as well…

To find out more about We Are Dorothy’s artwork, head down to their webshop !



  • tutorial är på G! :)
    Har filmat men ska bara lyckas redigera den! (var klurigare än vad jag trodde på mac)

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