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The joy of being the intern

Dear followers of petiteCurie, if you look up “intern” in a dictionary you’ll find the following description;


Interns are those who work in temporary positions with an emphasis on on-the-job training rather than merely employment.

…you could also find a picture of me! Because I am the petiteCurie intern. On my quest to become a font end web developer I’ll do my best to suck up to my experienced colleagues, Therese and Alexandra, well at least I try to…


It’s not an easy job folks but I am happy to do it. Most of the day I make sure Therese and Alex got the best coffee, sweetest cupcakes and I try to deliver some awkward jokes to make them laugh…sometimes successful, sometimes not…

They’re nice enough to let me write some stuff, so I’ll be writing about things that interest me, like; surfing, music, fashion, arts & crafts, design, baking and mustaches…to name quite a few!

Ups…got to go folks, I can hear Therese call for another cup of tea and biscuits….phew!

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