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Postcard from a weekend in Sicily

This weekend I went to a warm and sunny Sicily. Catania was even more beautiful than usual and the food was Über delicious. If you haven’t had the chance to visit Sicily already I strongly recommend you go there at least once in your life. Here’s a few instagram pictures from the trip.


Early morning flight ( I woke up at 4.30 )



T-shirt weather



Best breakfast in the WORLD!! Granita – almond/pistage and a delicious brioches



View from AciCastello. An old castle built in 1076 by the Normans upon the foundations of a 7th-century Byzantine fortification.



Looking down on the village square from the castle



Going up the Castle



Another view from the top. I forgot to take pics with the phone of the castle itself but I took plenty with my other camera, hopefully I’ll get around posting those too.



After our trip to the Aci Castello we were off to the studio for the main reason of our trip: shooting for a photobook, then after some “hard” work it was time for dinner.



We went to a Vegan restaurant called Haiku. This is a Vegan Pizza with Seitan ontop.



The other food was delicious too off course. I had “Lebanese couscous with spezzatino di Seitan”



Don’t forget your carstereo in your car.



Going home to sleep



And then suddenly (waaaay to soon) it was time to fly home again.

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