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Since Therese is on holiday, this week I rule in the kingdom of petiteCurie (muahaha evil laugh), which means I decide what goes on “music weekly”. Altough we share kind of the same taste in music I prefer both “harder” and “faster” tunes so I thought I should share 5 (old) songs that I’ve been listening to a lot lately…

1. Kvelertak – “Mjød” (Never get tired of Kvelertak)

2. Refused – Rather be dead (Still bumbed I missed the last show)

3. Ghost – Elizabeth (Makes me laugh every time, guesse you either need to belive in satan or have my kind of humor…)

4. Wolfmother – New Moon rising (To everyone that tells me Wolfmother are shit I say: yeah see them live and then we’ll talk about it..)

5. Depressive Black Metal (Ok not a song but a “youtube compilation”. My latest obsession, didn’t even know it existed genre called “depressive black metal” until a few days ago..)

You’re gonna beg for Therese to come back next week aren’t you?


  • And I met Wolfmother in Gothenburg!

    • Lucky you!

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