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Music Weekly – Trails and Ways vs Miike Snow

I can’t say that I am a huge fan of Miike Snow. I know a lot of people might get offended by this. But it just doesn’t move me. I think it might be too much of the bleeps and bloops. But the other day I heard this really interesting cover of one of his songs, “Animal”.
The cover is made by american band Trails and Ways. I find it really cool how they manage to change the whole song around and make it into something completely different. Instead of beeing the electronic dance hit they make it into some kind of indie folk hand-clapping song.
Via their Facebook page I found out that they are a 4-piece band and describe their music as brazilian shoegaze in the genre of bossa nova dream pop. So there you go. I thought I would post the video by Miike Snow first coz you guys should listen to his version first and then to the cover!





Why not listen to more of Trails and Ways on Spotify. They have also made a cover of M83’s Midnight City which is worth a listen.
Peace out.

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  • tack snälla för hårkomplimangen :)

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