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Music Weekly – the Paper Plane

Music Weekly is back and this time with some french tunes!
Around this time last year I went to see a band play at the Popin bar in Paris. They were called the Paper Plane and put on quite a rock n roll show down in the tiny basement of this legendary bar in the heart of Paris 11th arrondissement.

They recently came out with their full-length LP called “High and Oversexual”. It is completely full of pumping guitar-based rock tunes that makes you wanna dance and shout.
Check out their official video below to their single “Handshaker”.


Acoustic set from french TV

It is pretty easy to spot the bands influences. Clearly the heroes of these french lovely lads are bands like the Rolling Stones, Wolfmother, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Who, The Vines and the Dandy Warhols just to mention a few.

My Favorite track: Take a look Away – it absolutely bursts of the right guitar riffs and solos and has just the right feeling to it.
What I think you should Do: Head over to the Paper Plane’s Deezer and listen to more songs from the new album!



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