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Music Weekly – Alberta Cross

We really enjoyed a lot of good bands and fantastic music during the Way out West Festival last weekend. So there are so many bands that I could do music weekly about.. but it will be about Alberta Cross.
Simply because since the gig I have found myself listening to their latest album, Songs Of Patience, over and over. I especially like the melodies and the Neil-Young-and-Crazy-Horse-esque sound they create on several songs.
Alberta Cross is based in NY but their roots is a mixture of origins including Sweden and England. In 2011 singer Petter Ericson Stakee moved across the country from Brooklyn to LA. The main reason for this was to find more inspiration and motivation, but instead he hit the wall. On their website he explains;

“I love LA, but the combination of relocating and straight away hitting the studio made me spiral out of control.” Ericson Stakee says. “I needed to let go of everything around me and close to me, so I could discover what I missed and what I really needed. I partied too hard, and I blew my newly earned money. Once I hit rock bottom, I visited home in Sweden and plummeted back down to planet Earth. I knew exactly what I had to do”.

So they returned to NY and re-produced some of the songs they had recorded in LA. The result is the album Songs Of Patience, that came out in July earlier this year. Have a listen on Spotify, it is on there! Or check out some youtube videos I found below!
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