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Men, Men, Manly Men….

Hurray!! It’s autumn time and it’s definitely getting more chill out there which is good, because this means it’s “beard season”!! All you gorgeous men who can grow facial hair really should! We ladies at petiteCurie absolutely loooooves the beards, mustaches and sideburns.


Not only is it warm you guys…it is the ultimate autumn/winter accessory as well, a win win situation here fellows, plus you’ll make the ladies drool a bit…
I’ve put together some kool tasch and beard inspiration for the fellows….and some eye candy for the ladies, enjoy!


Nbr 1 – Chuck Norris

Bad ass tasch


Nbr 2 – Dane Reynolds

Cute surfer boy beard


Nbr 3 – Jim Morrisson

Good o’l rocknroller beard


Nbr 4 – Mr Magnum PI

Koolest tasch of all time

Nbr 5 – Ryan Hurst

Bad boy biker beard


Nbr 6 – Angus Stone

Cute aussie folk singer beard


Nbr 7 – Colin Farrell

Ridiculously cute, maybe-not-so-thick-but we dont-care-moviestar beard


Nbr 8 – Damon Albarn

Nice and sweet popstar beard


Nbr 9 – Will Smith

The friendly cosy beard


Nbr 10 – Sean Connery

The white beard

…by SARA
who is Sara? Find out next week !

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