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Dum Dum Girls


Dee Dee wrote  “Coming Down” not long after her mom passed away. “That song came out of being in and out of awareness of the depth of the situation,” she says. “Sometimes when I write, I don’t really analyze what I’m saying but the more I hear that song, the deeper it feels. I don’t know if I’m addressing life or God or what, but it’s our big, epic song on every scale.”


Dum Dum Girls are four gorgeous girls playing Noisy LoFi Dream Pop, originally from California and formed in 2009.[hr]

[hr] Frontwoman singer and songwriter Dee Dee mix that pretty voice of hers with a remarkable depth in both lyrics and music. First time I saw them in Bologna last year they surely delivered an interesting show so when my friend told me they would play closeby Venice I just couldn’t stay home … and I’m glad I didn’t.[hr]


But you’ll do good to remember to keep boyfriends close  because these girls will make they guys go c.r.a.z.y on the dancefloor  😉


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