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Colette Carnival


Colette, the super cool multibrand concept store on rue Saint-Honoré in Paris celebrated its 15th anniversary this weekend. And they did it by throwing a big carnival in the Jardin des Tuileries. Open and free to the public they attracted a huge crowd! petiteCurie were there yesterday and took part of the carnival fun!
The carnival was inside a 43,000-square-foot circus tent and had over 70 different sponsors. You could play basketball sponsored by Nike, try out Carhartts’s shooting range, try delicious food like hamburgers from Le Camion qui Fume just to mention a few things that was going on during the carnival! There were also lots of things to do for the kids like competitions of different kinds, face-painting  and nail-painting.

Collette’s co-founder Sarah Andelman spoke to the NY Times about the event and said;

I wanted to do something fun for our clients, fans and friends, something like when we were kids. I’ve always fantasized about it being in the Tuileries.


Grafitti artist, Thoma Vuille, known for Monsieur Chat was there signing autographs.

Our favorite booth or stand, were jewellery brand TattyDevine’s booth who had a lot of their fantastic necklaces and bracelets on display! We chatted briefly to one of the girls who told us that the carnival had been great for them and on saturday night there had been a huge party for everyone involved!

Wonderful TattyDevine jewellery

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