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Cute&Fun May 21, 2012 posted by


Let’s get personal Time for this weeks instagram pics! [hr] Monday [col2 formatter=’1′] Miniburgers[/col2] [col2_last formatter=’1′] Game of Thrones[/col2_last] [hr] Tuesday [col2 formatter=’1′] 30,5[/col2] [col2_last formatter=’1′]  Ferrari, 1000 miles race[/col2_last]…

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Cute&Fun May 14, 2012 posted by

ÅÄÖ! Festival Paris

For the third time around l’Institut Suédois (The Swedish Institute) in Paris are organizing the ÅÄÖ! festival.   It is a festival in Paris that takes place during six days…

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Eat&Drink May 10, 2012 posted by

Quick tip

. This is surely something I’ll try for breakfast this summer… freezed coffee ice cubes and almond milk…yummie! Leave a comment>  

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Cute&Fun May 7, 2012 posted by

Good luck Mr Normal!

  It was a historical day in Paris yesterday! The “rich people’s president” was defeated by Mr Normal, François Hollande. People went crazy, celebrating all over town, cannons going off…

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